About this blog

First of all I would like tell you that this blog is intended for my future self.

I’m not actually a good writter. I don’t know how to express all my feelings into words. So please don’t mind if you happen to read my wrong grammars and boring paraghraphs.

I’m a novice blogger. I only write when I have time, when I’m inspired or whenever I can’t sleep at (late) nights. I made this blog to write something about the current events that happenning into my (monotonous) life, my KSA journey, my skills in cooking/baking, crochet & knittings. In short, I made this blog to express my feelings and thoughts and my etceteras.

I love to reminisce events that had happened even it’s simple but I (unconsciously) forget it after sometime. I believed that mem’ries are better to remember if you have pictures and details of it, by simple uploading it in your blogs or in your social media accounts. That’s why I made this one.

Again, this blog was intented for my short term memory, and forgetful self and not to please anyone; not even you, or anybody.



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