Unwanted smell

Imagine the smell of a cloth or shoes that is soaked in a patis/fish sauce overnight plus the smell of not totally dried clothes. Or let's just say, imagine the smell if you get closer in the garbage truck... Gross!!! Wednesday afternoon, when my Doctor told me to call the patient (to come inside the... Continue Reading →


7000 Steps

We (Ate Edz, Jovz, Ate Machu, Ate Bevz and Ate Claire) planned to visit Ate Verna today. We're very lucky because she prepared foodssss for us (as in with SSSSS): [baked mac, rice baked sweet chicken, puto, uble flavored cake and buko pandan]. She prepared a birthday surprise for Ate Ednalyn because it'll be her birthday... Continue Reading →

Monthly request πŸ’š

Dearest sisters,  I'm sorry for letting you pass your requests asap. I opted not to have overtime to encode your requests this time, because the deadline is still on the 13th [πŸ˜…βœŒ]. But don't yah worry bec (10 more clinics and) I'm almost done. Very truly yours,  yayaLOVE, aHN 😍😘

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