Birthday gift

July is coming, my birth month, so I was thinking of what should I gift for myself. Last year, I bought Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 Pro (with projector). So for this year, I was thinking of giving myself a camera.  Last few months, I want to buy a  GO PRO HERO 5 BUT THEN... those few... Continue Reading →


Eid 2017 getaway

Ramadan was already ended, thus it's already Eid (for Muslims). We are given a 5 days vacation (including day off)... This means that we're given 5-days to escape from work. So where did we planned to spend our Eid vacation? Me and my co-workers, (really) wanted to see a desert to ride an ATV and... Continue Reading →


Ramadan days are my unproductive days. These maybe my laziests days. I slept at 5:00am and woke up at 1:30p.m. I realized that I haven't eaten anything for almost 14hours, as if I'm fasting too like our Muslim brothers and sisters. My last meal was only last night at Mcdonals.  So I then decided to... Continue Reading →

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