Brimming with love

I'm watching this PixL hallmark movie in youtube entitled "Brimming with Love". This blog is *spoiler free* I will just qoute one scene of that old man talking to the lead actress, Ali. It somehow pinched my heart. Conversation goes this way: Grandpa: It's awful hard to fall inlove if you're looking for bridge. Ali:... Continue Reading →


Dear bookworm self,

In case you'll forget in the future, I want you to remember that from March 28 up to the present (April 19), you already read 19book in 22days. 10 books of Collen Hoover: November 9; It Ends With Us; Ugly Love; Wihout Merit; Maybe Someday; Maybe Not; Confess; Hopeless Series - Hopeless; Losing Hope; Finding... Continue Reading →

Christmas away from Home

Spending 2 Christmas(es) from this HOME away from Home. I consider this as a part of His plan. And that God knows where I am and He knows how to get me to where I need to be. Spending 2 Christmas parties with these bunch of (crazy) pips was indeed a blessing πŸ’š To everyone... Continue Reading →

A letter to my dearest Doctor

I have'nt been able to write a letter for so long, but I decided to made one yesterday for the person that is worth to receive one. I read this letter infront of the employees (Doctors, nurses, receptionists, and other staffs) for the "Maasalama Party"/Farewell Party we prepared for my Doctor. But here is my... Continue Reading →

Birthday gift

July is coming, my birth month, so I was thinking of what should I gift for myself. Last year, I bought Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 Pro (with projector). So for this year, I was thinking of giving myself a camera.  Last few months, I want to buy a  GO PRO HERO 5 BUT THEN... those few... Continue Reading →

Unwanted smell

Imagine the smell of a cloth or shoes that is soaked in a patis/fish sauce overnight plus the smell of not totally dried clothes. Or let's just say, imagine the smell if you get closer in the garbage truck... Gross!!! Wednesday afternoon, when my Doctor told me to call the patient (to come inside the... Continue Reading →


It's amazing how you can still find joy despite of whole day tiresome work. We have a lot of patients today, to the point that I can't even go to the CR, nor sit down and washed the instruments when it's nearly 9:00pm (end of duty). When we finished all the patients at around 8:35pm,... Continue Reading →

Problem for religious people

As I was listening to Bo Sanchez feast, he mentioned about the problem for religious people:  We're too religious. We pray too much, but we love too little. And I agree. That was a sad fact and sad reality. Sometimes, we pray too much but we're not putting it into action. We pray for other... Continue Reading →

When treasured mem’ry became into a funny one

It's weird when someone let you remind of something that had happened in the past but you can't remember.  Until that someone will detail everything that had happenned in that certain moment.... and then... You'll remember everything, to the point that you can't stop laughing and smiling all through the day (because of that memory)!... Continue Reading →

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