Positive and Negative things about Saudi Arabia

I remember 2 years ago, the only things I knew about Saudi Arabia were about rape cases for domestic helpers, Filipinos who wanted to go home because of maltreatment, unpaid salaries, terrorism, wars, bombing, killings, and so forth. Journalism and news let people see how a scary place Saudi Arabia is and can show all... Continue Reading →


Brimming with love

I'm watching this PixL hallmark movie in youtube entitled "Brimming with Love". This blog is *spoiler free* I will just qoute one scene of that old man talking to the lead actress, Ali. It somehow pinched my heart. Conversation goes this way: Grandpa: It's awful hard to fall inlove if you're looking for bridge. Ali:... Continue Reading →

I lost my Samsung Note 8

Heres a story. I will try to make this short... February 25, 2018, 3 days before my flight going home to the Philippines, I lost my Samsung Note 8 inside our service car. We tried to search everywhere but we see nothing and the driver said he didn't see anything. I was hoping that just... Continue Reading →

Dear bookworm self,

In case you'll forget in the future, I want you to remember that from March 28 up to the present (April 19), you already read 19book in 22days. 10 books of Collen Hoover: November 9; It Ends With Us; Ugly Love; Wihout Merit; Maybe Someday; Maybe Not; Confess; Hopeless Series - Hopeless; Losing Hope; Finding... Continue Reading →

Gift wrapped in a shoe box

Last Christmas, we did draw lots. Which means it's up to you if you'll tell to anyone who you've get or not. We have a 100SAR budget for every gift we'll give to the person we get to. Honestly, I don't have any idea who get my name. And I don't know either what material-thing... Continue Reading →

Minnie Mickey Bank

I have this Minnie piggy Bank in a can which I call it as Minnie Mickey Bank since it's a Mickey mouse picture. I bought it in Ramez last year. I don't actually have the schedule in putting when and how much money I'll put in it. I just made sure that sometimes, I don't... Continue Reading →

Christmas away from Home

Spending 2 Christmas(es) from this HOME away from Home. I consider this as a part of His plan. And that God knows where I am and He knows how to get me to where I need to be. Spending 2 Christmas parties with these bunch of (crazy) pips was indeed a blessing πŸ’š To everyone... Continue Reading →

Selfie stick for 3SAR

27/10/17, Friday: We started walking at 5:15pm and only planned to go in the park... But Ate Edna (suddenly) thought that U-mart shop is just along the road and it was near in that park. We proceeded, but never do we know that it was almost 3kms away from the park. We almost give up... Continue Reading →

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