Ex with Benefits (Movie)

I watched the movie a while back and I love the flow of the movie. First it started with comedy going into romance then drama. Derek Ramsey is so hot and Coleen Garcia is very beautiful. They did great with their acting and also the supporting actors and actresses too, especially, Meg Imperial, Kit Kat... Continue Reading →



It's already 3:00 am and yet I'm still wide awake. I'm currently PRIVATELY caring this 94 y/o women (from a wealthy Family), she's not ill actually she only have an arthritis and (sometimes) dementia. Me and my friend, who's also a nurse, was counting how many will she turn from side to side, how many... Continue Reading →


It's been a year since we received our very first legit license - PRC (Nurse) ID License. Time flies really fast. A year when our Oath taking Ceremony had happen. I couldn't deny the fact that I miss the place so much. I miss EVERYTHING about Baguio. I. The obligatory long walks. From dormitel to... Continue Reading →

I’m not a chef but I love to cook…

Actually, I was late bloomer about cooking, baking and other stuffs about the kitchen. Before, I don't really mind our kitchen except during meal times. Until... my brothers are forcing me to make graham cakes, leche flans and other then mom sent us oven. That's the time I decided to start learning about cooking, baking... Continue Reading →

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