Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 13″

One thing I miss doing at home (PH) is to watch in the movieworld. Watching a movie on a big screen is a different level. I remember before, I was telling myself, "I want to have my own cinema at home even only having a projector." But I have no work by then that's why... Continue Reading →


Thoughts at 1:49AM

"What is truly yours will eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hars you try, will never be."

Surprise birthday party

Another year had past into my existence on earth and I'm welcoming again another year to come. 18th day of July 2016, this day, would be a lil' bit different. It was indeed my first birthday away from all of my friends, except Jovz; first birthday away from home; first birthday to celebrate abroad with... Continue Reading →

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