Medical Director feat Head Nurse

I will share you a conversation between the Medical Director and the acting Head Nurse. . . aHN: Dr., please don't let Ghada extend her vacation. MD: 'Yani' what will I do (she just undergone operation)? aHN: But no one will assist her Dr. MD: Go to Mr. Bashar (Manager) and tell him to finish... Continue Reading →


It's amazing how you can still find joy despite of whole day tiresome work.  We have a lot of patients today, to the point that I can't even go to the CR, nor sit down and washed the instruments when it's nearly 9:00pm (end of duty).  When we finished all the patients at around 8:35pm,... Continue Reading →

My Doctor is the HAPPIEST 👍

I'm planning to write a blog about my Doctor, who is also the Medical Director of our branch soon but for now, let me tell you a story about what happened this afternoon.  He was assigned to present a report about "Partial removable denture diagnosis and treatment" for his co-doctors. His report is now ready... Continue Reading →

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