Walking going to Dra. Lorena’s house

We're about to have dinner at home but Dra. Lorena suddenly invited us for dinner because she's about to leave the Kingdom soon. We then decided to walk going to her house. Some other girls choosed to ride in the car but we, Ilocanos (Jovie, Ate Fe, and I) and other girls opted and push... Continue Reading →


Medical Director feat Head Nurse

I will share you a conversation between the Medical Director and the acting Head Nurse. . . aHN: Dr., please don't let Ghada extend her vacation. MD: 'Yani' what will I do (she just undergone operation)? aHN: But no one will assist her Dr. MD: Go to Mr. Bashar (Manager) and tell him to finish... Continue Reading →


It's amazing how you can still find joy despite of whole day tiresome work. We have a lot of patients today, to the point that I can't even go to the CR, nor sit down and washed the instruments when it's nearly 9:00pm (end of duty). When we finished all the patients at around 8:35pm,... Continue Reading →


How does it feels like to personally assist the medical director? Working as a dental nurse in the Kingdom would be like this: 1 nurse will assist 1 Doctor in one clinic. I thought (before) that that's very awkward especially when you assist a male Doctor. Way back December 30, 2016: The first time we... Continue Reading →

My Doctor is the HAPPIEST 👍

I'm planning to write a blog about my Doctor, who is also the Medical Director of our branch soon but for now, let me tell you a story about what happened this afternoon.  He was assigned to present a report about "Partial removable denture diagnosis and treatment" for his co-doctors. His report is now ready... Continue Reading →

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