Medical Director feat Head Nurse

I will share you a conversation between the Medical Director and the acting Head Nurse. . . aHN: Dr., please don't let Ghada extend her vacation. MD: 'Yani' what will I do (she just undergone operation)? aHN: But no one will assist her Dr. MD: Go to Mr. Bashar (Manager) and tell him to finish... Continue Reading →


It's amazing how you can still find joy despite of whole day tiresome work.  We have a lot of patients today, to the point that I can't even go to the CR, nor sit down and washed the instruments when it's nearly 9:00pm (end of duty).  When we finished all the patients at around 8:35pm,... Continue Reading →

My Doctor is the HAPPIEST 👍

I'm planning to write a blog about my Doctor, who is also the Medical Director of our branch soon but for now, let me tell you a story about what happened this afternoon.  He was assigned to present a report about "Partial removable denture diagnosis and treatment" for his co-doctors. His report is now ready... Continue Reading →


75 years old male patient, came for treatment. He was accompanied by his son while he was walking with his cane.  Dr. checked him up. He was toothless and need a full (upper & lower) removable denture. We took his alginate impressions.  While doing the procedure. His son is asking if my Doctor does know... Continue Reading →


Mid 30's, male patient came for treatment. His head was covered with a dark blue scarf. He was talking to my Doctor but in Arabic. I thought I understand what they're talking about when I heard the word "operation". At the back of my head, I told myself, "So he undergone operation...on his head. I... Continue Reading →

Problem for religious people

As I was listening to Bo Sanchez feast, he mentioned about the problem for religious people:  We're too religious. We pray too much, but we love too little. And I agree. That was a sad fact and sad reality. Sometimes, we pray too much but we're not putting it into action. We pray for other... Continue Reading →

When treasured mem’ry became into a funny one

It's weird when someone let you remind of something that had happened in the past but you can't remember.  Until that someone will detail everything that had happenned in that certain moment.... and then... You'll remember everything, to the point that you can't stop laughing and smiling all through the day (because of that memory)!... Continue Reading →

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