Gift wrapped in a shoe box

Last Christmas, we did draw lots. Which means it’s up to you if you’ll tell to anyone who you’ve get or not. We have a 100SAR budget for every gift we’ll give to the person we get to.

Honestly, I don’t have any idea who get my name. And I don’t know either what material-thing I want to receive. So in the wishlist, since I’m (supposedly) about to go home, I just wrote “anything that can last forever”.

For me, nabunot ko si PJ, I gave her a reversible jacket since she’s fond of wearing jacket even during summer.

On the night of our Christmas party, I received a gift from Ilyanie. It was in a shoe box. I thought it was a shoes or slippers since it was in a shoe box But Ate April said “kuha ka ng gunting mahihirapan kang magbukas niyan”. Inside that box was a box of chocolate chips and some christmas decorations, inside that c.chips box was a jewelry box and inside it was a pair of EARINGS. Grabe sa effort mag-wrap si Ate girl haha. Good thing Ate April was there to help me opened it.

Funny thing is, few days before our Christmas party, I was teasing Ilyanie to go out and buy me a gift. But she always laugh and says “I already bought yours, even I’m not going out. Mautak ‘to.”. Never do I know that she’s really the one who got my name in the draw lots.

Thank you, Yanie!


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