Selfie stick for 3SAR

27/10/17, Friday:

We started walking at 5:15pm and only planned to go in the park… But Ate Edna (suddenly) thought that U-mart shop is just along the road and it was near in that park. We proceeded, but never do we know that it was almost 3kms away from the park.

We almost give up but good thing we didn’t because if we did, we didn’t find the 3SAR selfie stick (w/c PJ and I bought), buy kabsa (sponsored by PJ) and have the free banana(s) from bakala (sari-sari store). And we even have the energy to walk going home…

So in total we walked 9520 steps, in 7kms/1.6miles and burnt 272calories but eventually eat as we get home. πŸ˜‚

Thank you @pjtagapan, @ednalyn2308, @jovielynlista and @cochoncee for another walking-in-Saudi experience. 😘

R-L: Ate Cams, Jovz, Ate Edz, PJ, MeThis photo was taken at the parkWe stopped in Pandoti but we didn't wait it to open because their sala/prayer time is long Photo taken infront of Kabsa to buy Lechon Manok


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