Birthday gift

July is coming, my birth month, so I was thinking of what should I gift for myself. Last year, I bought Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 Pro (with projector). So for this year, I was thinking of giving myself a camera. 

Last few months, I want to buy a  GO PRO HERO 5 BUT THEN… those few months also, while I’m earning money, to buy such thing, I came into the world of vlogging. I watched local youtubers such as PBB Housemates:Wil Dasovich (and his vlog squad); Baninay; Aura and the like,.. also Ilocana youtubers:Michelle Dy & Ronan Domingo…, also Andi Manzano (because her daughter was too cute), and the lists was never ended. AND THEN, I love what they’re doing. 

I didn’t mean that I want to talk in front of the camera too, like what they’re doing [because I’m too shy for that] but I only want take some few photos and videos – with the use of good quality camera (lear how to) edit it and make a video clips.. (Too bad, I didn’t bring my Nikon DSLR here in KSA)… And I also want to learn more about photography and cinmatography. 

So I came to this moment to ask Uncle Google if “What is the best camera that vloggers used?”… There are a lot of brands and cameras appeared but I fell inlove with the CANON G7x Mark II. 

But of course, I will never but any-“thing” without seing it’s specs. I even compared it with other cameras such as Go Pro H5, Sony Rx100 and so on, yes they have each others advantages and disadvantages but I saw others reviews that the Canon is way more better and handy but a lil’ bit pricey. That’s why the dream of ‘me having a go pro’ already died because why not?… If you want to know also their comparisons please feel free to contact Uncle Google. 

I then search if what store here in KSA can I buy that camera. Unfortunately, I can’t find any store, it’s only available in Souq (online shop) and Amazon. Why the h*** didn’t have that kind of beautiful camera? 

I tried to visit Abdulwahed (at nagbakasali ako) and asked them if they have but unfortunately, the don’t. But the good thing is, they can order it online from their other branch(es) and will have it after Eid pa… I also visited Jarir Bookstore (which is not just only a bookstore), but they told me it’s out of stock. But maybe the guy saw in my face that I really want one, so he gave me the mobile number of the Canon Promoter which they’re getting their products. 

Yes!!! God is really good. All. The. Time… 

I contacted the Canon Promoter last evening of June 26 and he answers very well. That’s why I decided to bought the camera to him, which costs 2699SAR and a tripod (75SAR) and delivered it directly to our clinic (without any charge fee) last Wednesday, June 28, 2017. That was way more better and less hastle than buying in an online shop or any store.

And so, I’m the happiest birthday girl – in advance. πŸ˜‚

Please meet my new buddy: 

Tadaaaaa! Presenting my canon g7x mkii (in a box) + gorilla tripod and a FREE BAG
Unboxed… It includes, charger, battery, 8GB memory card and a handle
The camera and the tri pod met and joint for the first time
Photo that the Camera promoter sent me

Below are the some photos we took using my new Canon G7x Mark ii:

Me and Jovz

Toy effect
Ate Edz, passport size photo picturial

R-L: Ate Cams, Me, Ate Joice and Ate Van


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