Eid 2017 getaway

Ramadan was already ended, thus it’s already Eid (for Muslims). We are given a 5 days vacation (including day off)… This means that we’re given 5-days to escape from work.

So where did we planned to spend our Eid vacation?

Me and my co-workers, (really) wanted to see a desert to ride an ATV and to see a camel. And to even see the so called “Bahrain Bridge“. Unfortunately, 11 of us only agreed to go for the others changed their minds and others have a different plans, but we still pursue to go because WHY NOT? Di ba?. Luckily Kuya Shahadad, our driver, knew where those ATV’s and camels are. It’s located in Aziziah, Khobar. 

June 25, 2017, Sunday, 3rd day of our vacation, the day we’ve been waiting for. We’ve gone to Aziziah. I can still imagine how excited we are. It was 30-45 minutes drive away from our house. As we go over the road, some girls are so happy when they already saw the beach, [it was their first time, mine was the second]. It was amazing to see water around the very dry and desert place. After awhile, the girls are already screaming, I ask them “why??”, and they told me “the camel is there” while pointing to me the shore where those camel and horses are. We are very giddy as we get closer to them (but mejo may pasuspense pa because the U-turn is too far from where we are going)… We asked first if females are allowed there because we can’t see anyone wearing “abaya” all we can see are males. Luckily, females are allowed to go there too. 

The Aziziah was not a desert place, it was a sea shore [unlike a place we want to go] but it’s still okay because the camel and ATV’s are there. Plus the beautiful view is a bonus.

There is this man walking with his camel, we asked if how much if we will ride in his camel and he said that it’s 20SR only. It’s not that bad. The camel was very behave as it kneel down on the ground. The caretaker was telling us not to be afraid, so I bravely volunteered to ride on it first. At first, I thought that it will not stand immediately because I planned to have a photo with it first but as I sat in his back, the camel immediately stand up. It was taller than I expected, I think I’m 5 meters above the ground as I was riding the camel. I don’t even have my phone on me because I gave it to Jovie before I ride the camel. But thankfully, I have videos and pictures from the other girls. It was very nice but I feel pity for the camel, I can feel that his back bone was already misaligned. What if the one who will ride on it was more fatter and heavier than me? How many times does he needs to walk and kneel in a day? Before more questions will run in my mind, I let the caretaker to return back and finish it.

So here are some of our photos with the camel:

This is when the camel behavely kneel beside me
That’s me trying not to fall in the ground but still manage to smile

Kapit ka lng, besh!

R-L; Caretaker-Jovie-Me-Aunt Fe

Some girls also rode the ‘kalesa’

We even rented an ATV, it costs 80SAR for 1 hour. But we only rented it for an half hour (40SAR) because it’s too hot and we only intended to drive an have a picture in it. It was fun and exciting. Atleast, we experience to drive in Saudi Arabia even if it’s forbidden. 

Hence, finally, I/we already saw and rode an ATV and camel FTFT (for the first time).

The sun is still up and our purpose in Aziziah was already finished. We then convinced our driver that we will go to Bahrain Bridge. Thankfully, he agreed. I can still imagine up until now our “sound of happiness” [screams, laughter, joy] when Kuya Shahadad agreed. 

So as we wished, we then proceded to the unplanned getaway in Bahrain Bridge. We’re very excited because other girls are already telling us that it’s a very long bridge and it was very nice. We’ve been more excited because as we go over the road, we can already see the bridge. 

Unexpectedly, we will cross over the bridge and we’re able to enter The Kingdom of Bahrain. **Yehey**… But Kuya Shahadad asked us if we are willing to pay for the tollgate so that we can enter in the so called causeway between the two Arab countries (Saudi Arabia and Bahrain). Of course we agreed, because why not!… we know that it will make us happy. 

I changed my glasses because my sunglasses are damaged when I rode the camel
View of Bahrain Bridge along the street
These are where our water are coming from

We then paid 35SAR for the tollgate. So ayun na nga. The bridge is really called KING FAHAD CAUSEWAY. It was a bridge the connects Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain. It was 25km long and it’s one of the longest bridge in the world. 

I decided to take a videos & photos while enjoying the view while we are cossing the causeway. It was an amazing experience to see a good view of the blue ocean and warm sunlight. I can’t stop to be amazed to those people who made that long infrastructure in the middle of the blue sea. How-did-they-even-do-that? And I can’t stop to be thankful from the Man above because of his beautiful creations.

We reached the island, there you can see a stop over, restaurants, fast food chains, tower and parks. There’s also passport control/immigration area but of course we can’t go beyond there because “Higante” our general manager, will not allow us to have a visa going anywhere but in PH. 

We then decided to go back in Saudi Arabia and to eat there. We crossed again the causeway and this time we had a chance to see and chase the picture-perfect sun set. 

This is at AlRashid Mall. We have different orders but mine was the Eid meal offer of DQ. It consists of burger (double patty/double cheese) + malulusog na  fries + sundae and a bottled water. It was very delicious. It was worth the price.

Below is the video I made for my youtube kuno πŸ˜„

It was too fun to have a joy ride and to see other views beside from the four walls of our house, room and clinics. It was too great also to see a sea shore unlike the very dry city we live in. We are very blessed to have a 5-day-vacation to escaped from toxicity of our work without forgetting the very strict rules of the Kingdom.

But ‘The vacations’ was already over and tomorrow we will go back again to our normal world. . . 


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