Ramadan days are my unproductive days. These maybe my laziests days.

I slept at 5:00am and woke up at 1:30p.m. I realized that I haven’t eaten anything for almost 14hours, as if I’m fasting too like our Muslim brothers and sisters. My last meal was only last night at Mcdonals. 

Big Mac upgraded into Large plus caramel sundae for a total of 23SAR
Went to Ramez with this bunch to buy some “abubot” stuffs and then went to Panda (after we ate in McDo) to only buy 6kg Tide for only 29.95SAR/pc

So I then decided to eat my breakfast at 3:00pm today which consist of mixed berries yogurt added with fresh banana and apple. [FYI: I hate plain yogurt. I only ate flavored one]

Activia mixed flavored berries is so delicious 😍
Sarrraaappp. Promise!

And then I ate again at 5:00pm, (which I consider as my lunch time) with almonds, cashew, walnuts and pistacho… In short nuts. [I love nuts 😍]

I will have my proper meal later at 6:30pm before I will go to work. 

My Ramadan days might be unproductive but I’m loving it especially my Ramadan duty hours. It’s only from 8:00pm-2:00am. 6hours only. 😁

Here are our some photos during Ramadan:

This was taken during the 1st day of Ramadan

While waiting for our 8pm duty to start, Ate Fe is taking us picture then suddenly Dr. Bokoor also joined us. Cool Syrian Dr!

Dr. Bokoor’s “ikinagwapo mo yan?” pose

We went to othaim Mall but unfortunately, all stores are mall bc we’re too early to go πŸ˜‚

Taken during our Fire Drill with the JCIA (Joint Comission Int’l Asso.)

We bought LIFE SAVER’s WATCH. It’s a watch for a cause to help and save lives for those children with cancer
That was me and Ate Michelle having our morning ‘chikahan’ over the floor. Her expressions are always OA 😊

This is probably (and hopefully) my last Ramadan here in the Kingdom. I’m glad that I experienced it twice. 


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