Unwanted smell

Imagine the smell of a cloth or shoes that is soaked in a patis/fish sauce overnight plus the smell of not totally dried clothes. Or let’s just say, imagine the smell if you get closer in the garbage truck… Gross!!!

Wednesday afternoon, when my Doctor told me to call the patient (to come inside the clinic). I went in the waiting area and I saw Ate Marichu’s weird face, she told me “ang baho”/bad smell. Even Dr. Ibrahim was asking me if what’s that bad smell. Really, it was really BAD!!!… But before I forget what I am told to do so, I called the patient’s name and ask HER to go in the clinic. 

As I entered the clinic, I can still smell the very ‘bad smell’. I wonder if that smell was stucked up on my mask or on my uniform or wherever. But while I’m being conscious if that very disgusting smell is on me, I let that patient seat in the dental chair. The smell is getting worst when I’m getting closer to that patient… I went back outside if the smell is still there but there wasn’t. Then I go back inside (the clinic) again and Oh my Gosh!!! That. very. bad. and. disgusting. smell. is. from. our. patient… I felt really nauseated but I really tried my best not to vomit. I remember, I’m pretentiously coughing so that I somehow can’t smell for a second or two. Good thing, Dr. went outside for a minute after he instill the anesthesia and so I ran directly after his table and spray some of his perfume. 

I admit, I’m wishfully thinking and praying that the procedure might not take long. But Dr. let me prepare for RCT. I literally talked to myself “why now???”. During the procedure, people are coming in our [busy] clinic. Tita Elaine came, and told me “ang lansa! Ano yan?”/ what’s that fishy smell?… one Dr. also came and Saudi Receptionists came but I don’t know if they smell it or not because I never saw them react – or maybe I can’t understand their dialect that’s why I didn’t saw them react. Then Ate Marichu came and smell the bad thing again, and bravely ask my Doctor if “what’s that? What’s that bad smell?” in an arte-arte pronounciation. I almost step on her shoes because it might offend the patient. And during the procedure I was wondering if we only Filipinos are reacting with the smell because my Egyptian Doctor is even not reacting about it. He still continue doing RCT while I’m keeping half meter distance while suctioning the patient’s mouth and giving what Dr. needs and hold my breath for as long as I can. 

Luckily, we didn’t do obturation for the patient. Doctor only put temporary filling for the patient and she will come again for another visit. But hopefully, she will not smell nasty in her next visit.

Funny thing is, when the patient leave, my doctor immediately spray his perfume and heard him murmur some words I can’t understand. Then I was actually laughing because he can smell it too. I was marvel how he really manage not to react with that nasty smelly while doing the procedure. 

Believe me it was like the smell if you get closer in a garbage truck or a smell I can’t explain. It was totally very bad/disgusting/nasty/fishy smell. In short, it was literally, gross!!! It’s a smell you can’t hopefully wish to encounter. And believe it or not I almost die [for holding my breath]

Disclaimer: Forgive me, Lord God, for judging that person. 

PS: The cleaners changed all the garbage bags in the cashier and receptionist area for they thought that the smell is coming from the garbage. If only they knew. *evil laugh*


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