7000 Steps

We (Ate Edz, Jovz, Ate Machu, Ate Bevz and Ate Claire) planned to visit Ate Verna today. We’re very lucky because she prepared foodssss for us (as in with SSSSS): [baked mac, rice baked sweet chicken, puto, uble flavored cake and buko pandan]. She prepared a birthday surprise for Ate Ednalyn because it’ll be her birthday on the 23rd of this month. 

After we partly ate the foods she prepared, we then decided to walk along the streets near her house and went to NICE Store, I bought scented candle there, and perfume for candle. After that we crossed over the street as if we’re in bawal-tumawid-nakamamatay-zone because there are a lot of non-stop cars and we went to CENTERPOINT but there are no sale there so we then decided to rode a taxi and went to R&B Fashion store, there we bought dupΓ© slippers for only 5SAR! Isn’t that amazing? Near that store is the EXTRA STORE, there you can find gadgets, cameras and other millenials stuffs, we also went there but I didn’t buy anything. We walked again for almost 1-2kilometers going back to Ate Verna’s house, ate again because food is life. And lastly, we walked again going back to NICE Store again ang bought some kitchen stuffs. 

We didn’t noticed we already had 7469 steps in total for only 5hours of roaming around some stores near Ate Verna’s house. Ate Vernas crib was very nice. It’s very clean, as if forbidden ang magkalat sa bahay niya. The stores are very near in her house and it was too safe for us to walk even it’s already dark. 

So here are our pictures and videos awhile back: 

1. Chibog time @Ate Verna’s crib.

2. Surprise Birthday party for the May celebrants: Ate Edz and Ate Claire

3. Some pics and vids while walking

4. Shameless selfies

It was indeed a nakakapagod yet nakakabusog at napakasayang araw. πŸ˜„


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